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When the streets to the shopping center is often offered a tool comedian from metal tool? Consider the negative effects that may be present from the tools that can be used alone in this house. Using this tool independently is quite risky considering it is a germ-friendly medium. Another reason that makes one should stay away from this tool is because it can cause scarring.

Use an ultra abrasive skin exfoliator

Wearing a product that can peel away dead skin cells may be useful for removing blackheads. However, you should avoid using this product that is ultra-abrasive, especially if you have sensitive skin. Use of such cleaning soap products can lead to irritation of the skin and lead to more severe blackheads. One sign of the exfoliating product is ultra-abrasive is to cause pain when used.

Rarely wash your face

Routine face washing to make someone look more attractive. In addition to making skin cleaner, this good habit can minimize the risk of facial exposure to blackheads. As we know, blackheads feel at home in dirty skin. Therefore, washing the face at least twice a day in the morning and evening should be done routinely.

If in everyday always use cosmetics, it should clean up to finish before bed. Going to sleep without makeup on the face is highly recommended that blackheads are not getting worse. In order to avoid skin excess oil production, continue to apply moisturizer on the face.

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Reluctant to Wash Pillow Case

Although it was washing face before sleep, the face still allows to contain bacteria and dead skin cells. Then where do they nest when someone sleeps at night? The pillowcase was the answer. Therefore, do not let dirt and bacteria from the face accumulate too long in the pillowcase used. Washing them at least once a week can help reduce the risk of blackheads getting worse.

In addition to avoiding a variety of actions that can aggravate black blackheads in the face above, avoid clothes and cosmetics that make the skin isolated should also be avoided. Also avoid conditions that make the body excessive sweat and the room with too high humidity.

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