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Still feeling less with Little Nightmares? Curious about his world called The Maw? Just Play The Depths!

If there is a horror game you should play this year, then Little Nightmares is one of them. As I wrote in a review in a previous article, this game has a unique, dark, and creepy universe called The Maw. Well, for those of you who have played Little Nightmares and want to explore The Maw further, you can play the first DLC of Little Nightmares Secrets of the Maw entitled The Depths.

In The Depths, you'll play a little kid named Runaway Kid. Just like Six in the original game, Runaway Kid also has to survive from The Maw while avoiding a creature called The Granny-which Bandai Namco describes as "a monster living in a murky place."

Setting from The Deptsh itself will be parallel / concurrent with the original game setting. In this DLC, you as Runaway Kid will explore the decaying basement part and flood in The Maw. In addition, many water-themed puzzles are offered in this DLC. Oh, and different from the original game, you can swim in this game,

The Depths is the first part of 3 DLC Little Nightmares Secrets of the Maw. This DLC is available and can be played through PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The second part of Secrets of the Maw entitled The Hideway will be released in November. On the other hand, the third part of the DLC, which until now has not been titled, is planned to be released in January of 2018.

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