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Price : ₫1.000 Mufaddal Khambaty
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We are a handbag manufacturer based in Los Angeles and we are looking for a local partner in Vietnam to help sell our products locally. Your responsibilities in Vietnam will be Sales, Marketing, Warehousing and Returns. We'll take care of the manufacturing and logistics. Here's a little more information about our proposal:

Proposed Contract Term: 1 year
Start Date: Immediately
# of Products Available: 25 handbags
Investment Budget Available: US$1,000 - US$5,000
Annual Sales Target: US$25,000-US$50,000
Your responsibility: Sales, Marketing, Warehousing, Returns

If you are interested please visit our website http://magnifiquebags.com/collection.aspx?collectionid=28 for more information

Phone: 9094685474

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