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For most people, words like Alzheimer’s and dementia are associated with incurable degeneration. Once diagnosed, they expect that the patient will eventually become an empty shell with no resemblance to the person they once knew. It is a horrific experience for loved ones and family members who have to observe the progressive deterioration of someone they care about.

To make matters worse, the medical profession seems to be of the opinion that these conditions are incurable. Once diagnosed, all the patient can hope for is to slow down the effects of the disease through the continued use of medication. Unfortunately, many users of these drugs complain about the side effects, and feel that using them simply worsens an already traumatic experience.

The creator of The Great Brain Secret, Walter Bailey, started experiencing the devastating effects of cognitive degeneration while he was still working as an advertising executive. Unwilling to accept the mounting evidence about his condition, he chose to do a marketing presentation to a group of corporate executives. His mind went blank, and the resulting poor presentation cost his employers millions of dollars in lost revenue.


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